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We are an interdisciplinary group based in the Physics department of King’s College London, working at the interface between nano and bio photonics. The group is led by Dr. Sasha Rakovich, who is a Royal Society University Research Fellow. Our research interests include biomimetic nanophotonic systems, nanomedicine, light-matter interactions in plasmonic systems, control of analyte motion and localization of colloidal materials. If you are interested in joining the group, check out our news page for opportunities or get in touch with us by email.

Xmas 2019

Latest News

May 2024

International Day of Light 2024 celebrations

A photo of people looking at the exhibits displayed during IDL2024 event

On May 16, 2024, the Physics Department of King's College London celebrated the International Day of Light with the "Transcending Invisible" project - a unique collaboration between scientists and artists. This event featured engaging talks and exhibits that highlighted the multifaceted nature of light, from cutting-edge photonics research to immersive light installations. The initiative underscores the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in exploring and appreciating the complexities of light. For more information about the project and future events, visit Transcending The Invisible website.

March 2024

Sasha to give a seminar in Trinity College Dublin
Sasha will be visiting her alma mater this march, to give a seminar on "Mastering the nanoscale: approaches to nanomaterial localization, assembly and active control"

February 2024

Anton transfers to PhD roster!
Congratulations to Anton Uzunoff for passing his upgrade viva. We wish him the best of luck in the rest of his PhD!

December 2023

First PhD graduations of the group!

Photo of Steve Po, Sasha and Miao Zhao

Congratulations to Miao Zhao and Steve Po, the first PhD graduates from the research group. Miao's thesis "Development of Theranostic Probes Using Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles for Application in Cancer Treatment" and Steve's thesis, "Light-Matter Interactions of Metallic-Semiconductor Nanostructures" represent ground-breaking research in their respective fields. Their hard-work and dedication have set a high standard for future students in the group. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and look forward to their continued success!

October 2023

Sasha visits Turku University
Sasha is due to visit Prof. Konstantinos Daskalakis in the Materials Engineering department of University of Turku, where she will give a seminar on "Active and passive control of nanomaterials for photonic and biosensing applications".

We welcome this year's Master students
The warmest of welcomes to Einaras Juodelis and Yannick Matthews, who will be conducting investigations on time-resolved fluoresecnce. Good luck to them both!

New PhD students joining the group
We welcome Daria Panova and Xiaoyi Zhang to the group. Daria will be working on developing hybrid conjugated polymer /plasmonic nanoparticles for water remediation applications. Xiaoyi, who is a joint KCSC student between departments of pharmacology and physics, will be developing green synthesis methods to develop nanoparticle-based drugs and later investigate the effects of micro-gravity on their properties. We wish both of them the greatest of successes!

July 2023

A double successful viva defence!
The biggest of congratulations to Steve Po and Marciano Palma do Carmo, who have both successfully defended their thesises! Best of wishes to them in their future careers. Congratulations doctors!

May 2023

We are starting a project with artists!
Many thanks to the Royal Society for funding the Public Engagement project, aimed at establishing collaborations between scientists and artists to develop works of art on the topic of photonics. The call for applications will be announced in August 2023. You can find more details here.