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PI: Sasha Rakovich

Aliaksandra Rakovich photo

I received my PhD in 2011 under the supervision of Professor John F. Donegan (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland). My PhD work focused on the interactions of colloidal semiconductor quantum dots with various biomaterials, such as membrane proteins and photosynthetic reaction centres. Subsequently, I moved to the Physics Department of Imperial College London, where I worked as a Research Associate for 4 years with Professor Stefan Maier, before transitioning to the Royal Society University Research Fellowship. In October 2017, I joined the Physics Department of King’s College London as a Research Fellow and a Lecturer and established the NanoBioPhotonics group. My current research interests encompass a range of topics under the general umbrella of nanobiophotonics, including the use of nanomaterials for bio-applications, biomimmetic nanophotonics and nano-enhanced biophotonic materials. Further interests include light-matter interactions, sensing and material manipulation on nanoscales.

Post Docs

Miao Zhao

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I have completed my bachelor in Chinese Medicine at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and the MSc in Biophysics at Peking University. I started as a PhD student at King's College in 2018, and I submitted my thesis on the development of theranostic probes based on conjugated polymer nanoparticles in September this year. While I wait for my viva in November, I will continue to work in the group as a Research Assistant/Associate. My study focuses on the use of nanomaterials in biological applications, particularly in developing photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy.

PhD Students

Ancin Maria Devis

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In 2016, I completed my BSc. Ed (PCM) from RIE Mysore, and in 2018, I completed my MSc Physics from Christ University in Bangalore. After receiving NET-JRF, I began working as a JRF at CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum, in 2019. I was working on graphene oxide-based membranes and hydrogels for water purification. I started as a PhD student at King's College in 2021, and I'm currently working on a highly ordered nanophotonic system, where I use the self-assembly approach to produce ordered heterostructures of nanoparticles and examine their physical and chemical properties.

Anton Uzunoff

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I completed my undergraduate MSci in Theoretical Physics at King’s College London in 2022, where I also started my PhD the same year. My research interests include the creation and modulation of nanotechnology for biomedical applications, something I’ve done for both my master’s research and my current project. Outside of university, I enjoy a wide range of hobbies, including fencing, writing, playing guitar, hiking, gaming, and painting plastic miniatures.

Daria Panova

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I hold an MSc in Applied Mathematics and Physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where my thesis involved studying the optical and photothermal properties of MXene nanoparticles. I joined the NanoBioPhotonics group in the Department of Physics at King's College London as a PhD student in 2023. My current project focuses on the development of hybrid conjugated polymer-plasmonic metal nanoparticles for photo-driven water remediation and the investigation of their photophysical properties.

MSci/MSc Project Students

2022/23 cohort
Einaras Juodelis
Yannick Matthews

Past group members

PhD Students

Steve Po
Marciano Palma do Carmo

Master Students

Vasily Solodyankin (2022/23)
Zahra Kunchu Mohamed (2022/23)
Xinyu Li (2022/23)
Hafsah Abid (2021/22)
Madhanrajan Varadharajan (2021/22)

Bachelor Project Students

Chakhung Wong (2022/23)
Riccardo Becagli (2022/23)
Robert Whiu (2021/22)
Vasily Solodyankin (2021/22)
Artem Matushevskiy (2021/22)
Haralambos Karagiannoglou (2021/22)
Huan Zhang (2020/21)
Tingyu Zhu (2020/21)

Summer Interns

Holly Owens (2023)
Vasily Solodyankin (2022)
América Estefanía Mendoza Rascón (2021)
Beatrice Crudele (2021)