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Biomimetic nanophotonics

Biomimetic QD assembled around plasmonic NA

This research area focuses on translating principles found in nature into nanophotonic research, e.g. mimicking the light-harvesting complex of natural photosynthetic with semiconductor quantum-dot assemblies for loss compensation in plasmonic nanoantennas.

Plasmonics-enabled control of analyte motion

electric field of an assymetric nanoantenna

We explore the possibilities presented by the near-field concentration of electric fields by plasmonic structures, to exert forces on analytes. Specific interests include the transport of analytes using optically-driven plasmonic ratchetting arrays and trapping of analyte particles using a combination of dielectrophoretic and optical forces .

Nanomaterials for biomedical applications

MCF-7 cells incubated with CPNs

In this area, we investigate nanoparticles for theranostic applications. We are especially interested in NIR-emitting nanoparticles, that also possess strong photothermal, photosensitizing or photoacoustic properties.

SPR-based sensing

SPR based sensor

In this area, we design and fabricate substrates for SPR-based sensing, that enable both the quantification of analytes in test samples and their identification.

Assembly and localization of colloidal nanomaterials

arrays of Au NPs on different susbtrates

The key aim of this research area is to develop hybrid fabrication methods for organization of nanomaterials in solution or on substrates in deterministic manner. We are particularly interested in low-cost easily-scalable methods.